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Top 5 Fastest Man Made Objects

December 17, 1903 is the day that we can’t forget. That was the day when human made the first successful powered flight in history and it took only more 100 years to fly an object near Sun at the speed of 692,000 km/h. Human have started to build more powerful and high-speed objects for decades to reach distant targets. Here is the list of top 5 Fastest Man Made Objects

5. NASA X-43 A, 7000 miles per hour


NASA X-43 An is an automated Hypersonic airplane used to send off from a bigger airplane. In 2005, Guinness book of world records perceived NASA X-43 An as quickest airplane made. It list at number 5 fastest objects made by humans. It sets a maximum velocity of 7000 miles each hour. That is around 8.4 times quicker than the speed of sound. 

The NASA X-13 A purposes a drop send off innovation. From the start, this hypersonic airplane will bring to high elevation utilizing bigger airplane and afterward dropped. With assistance of sponsor rocket, this airplane would arrive at the objective speed. At the last stage, in the wake of arriving at the objective speed NASA X-13 A reasonable by its own motor

4. Columbia (Space Shuttle), 17000 miles per hour


Columbia was the first successful space shuttle ever made in the History of NASA and Other Space Agencies. It has done more than 30 mission. During one of his mission it made a record speed of 17000 mph.

unfortunately, It crashed down after outreached its normal speed on 1st February 2003. Normally Space Shuttle travel at a speed of 17000 mph to stable in the lower Earth orbit. It still considered in the list of the Fastest Man Made Objects and we can see this at The National Museum of Colombia 

3. Apollo 10 Capsule, 24791 miles per hour

Apollo 10 Capsule

Apollo 10 was made for the rehearsal mission by NASA before the launch of Lunar landing. On the return journey of Apollo,
on 26th May 1969 its capsule reaches the record speed of 24791 mph.

This set the Guinness book of world records as the highest speed achieved by a manned vehicle.

2. Helios 1, 142000 miles per hour

Helios 1 space probe was launched by the NASA on 10th December 1974 collab with German space agency. The Goal Behind this mission was to
study the solar Processes. The Probe Manages to reach the Sun’s elliptical orbit.

The probe record a speed of 142000 mph during its journey. This probe orbit around the sun at distance of 1 AU(149597871 kilometers)

It worked till 1982. It is also known as the Second Fastest Man Made Objects in the world 

1. Helios 2, 157078 miles per hour

Helios 2 space probe is considered as theFastest man-made object made ever. It set a record speed of 157078 mph during its mission.
It also has made a closest approach to the Sun. Helios 2 has revolve around the Sun at a record distance of 0.29 AU(149597870.7 km) from the surface.

Helios 2 launched on January 15, 1976 and it reached the orbit of Sun on 17th April 1976. It sent for the study of solar plasma, solar dust, cosmic rays

and the electrical field. It sent the data until 23rd December 1979. Both Helios 1 and 2 space probes are still in the orbit of the Sun. The Both ranks at the top at fastest objects made by humans

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    Programming languages are constantly developing and changing, and it could be difficult to keep update with these latest tech trends and determine what languages are the most suitable for student to learn in 2023. The top most programming languages are expected to be those kind that are extensible, adaptable and demanded by students.

    Today In this blog we gonna explore the top 10 programming languages to learn in this year.

    1. Python

    Python is the most popular programming language for many years till now and its popularity is projected to keep increase in this year too (2023). The Reason behind its popularity is its a versatile language that can be used for multiple tasks web development, Machine Learning (ML) artificial intelligence(AI), data analysing and many more. Its syntax are very simple and easy to learn for beginner. Its huge library of different kinds modules make it an excellent language to learn for students.

    2. JavaScript
    JavaScript is a scripting language that basically used as backend and front-end for web development. JavaScript is essential for building interactive and dynamic web app and web sites. Its popularity has increase with its Library and frameworks like React and Angular. JavaScript is use for both front-end side as well as server-side development with Node.js run time environment. It also used for Hybrid mobile app development with React Native Framework. Its name is similar as “JAVA” but Its totally unlike Java. JavaScript is interpreted language where Java is Both compiled and an interpreted language. “Java” and “JavaScript” both are trademarks registered in Oracle in U.S. and other countries. However both languages have different syntax and use.

    3. Java
    Java is a widely used programming language that is known for its scalability and reliability. Java is used for building enterprise applications, Android mobile apps, and web applications. Java is also a popular language for developing backend systems, and it is widely used in the finance and banking industries.

    4. Go
    Go is a newer programming language that was developed by Google. Go is designed for building scalable and efficient systems, and it has gained popularity in recent years due to its simplicity and ease of use. Go is used for building backend systems, network programming, and web applications.

    5. Rust
    Rust is a systems programming language that is known for its speed, memory safety, and concurrency. Rust is used for building high-performance applications, such as web browsers, game engines, and operating systems. Rust is also a popular language for blockchain development due to its security features.

    6. Swift
    Swift is a programming language developed by Apple for building iOS and macOS applications. Swift is a powerful language that is designed for safety and performance. Swift is also an open-source language, which has helped to increase its popularity among developers.

    7. Kotlin
    Kotlin is a programming language that was developed by JetBrains, the company behind the IntelliJ IDEA integrated development environment (IDE). Kotlin is a modern language that is designed to be interoperable with Java, making it a popular choice for Android app development. Kotlin’s simple syntax and powerful features make it an excellent language for beginners to learn.

    8. TypeScript
    TypeScript is a programming language and also known as superset of JavaScript. It was designed and developed by Anders Hejlsberg at Microsoft. He was the person who developed C#. This is also known as both Programming language and set of tools.
    TypeScript is fully Object-Oriented Programming Language. This is fully compiled programming language. Their are lot of similarities between Type-Script and Java-Script. We can say Type-Script is Java-Script with additional features. This is basically used to build
    large-scale applications. The Best Combination of type-script is with Angular and React because both are java-script libraries. It is useful and time saving language .

    9. PHP
    PHP one of the most popular programming and scripting languages for web development. The Word PHP stands for (Hypertext Preprocessor). This Basically a server-side scripting language. PHP allows us to develop and Built web applications, including blogs. This is very easy to learn language and available free of cost world-Wide. It the programming language that supports databases like MySQL, ODBC, SQLite. It is very popular to develop CMS(Content Management System) same like Drupal WordPress

    C++ is a powerful programming language that is used for building high-performance applications, such as operating systems, game engines, and scientific computing applications. C++ is known for its speed and efficiency, and it is widely used in the gaming and finance industries. C++ is also a popular language for embedded systems and robotics.

    C++ is a general purpose, cross-platform programming language. It is fully object-oriented programming language build to create high-performance applications. It is developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs circa in 1980. It is similar to C language we can also called this the upgraded version of C language. C++ is majorly known for its speed, efficiency and concurrency. It has wide market in gaming industries. It supports the all 4 concepts of the OOP’s

    1. Inheritance
    2. Polymorphism
    3. Encapsulation
    4. Abstraction

    In conclusion, If someone is looking to learn programming language .These were the top 10 programming languages to learn in 2023. The number ranking is provide as the popularity and usability by beginners and experienced developers.


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